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 Board Standards

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PostSubject: Board Standards   Mon Mar 24, 2008 12:57 pm

Why Are There Board Standards?

These standards have been created so that we can keep a certain level of decorum within the forums. Any post or thread that is found to be in violation of these standards will be deleted immediately, without warning or explanation. If you find your post has disappeared you may contact a Moderator who will tell you which point you violated. If you think a post has been deleted mistakenly, then PM me immediately.

What Are The Board Standards?

1. In any photos posted in the forums the people pictured must be dressed suitably for general viewing. That means no nudity or sexual references.

2. Sexual content is limited, and all threads containing sexual content must come with a warning. If the post is innuendo or a frank sexual question, then as long as there is a warning, it's allowed. No cybersex in the forums or any other graphic sexual descriptions, please.

3. Language can be mild, such as hell and bloody. Expletive or any other swear word that could cause offense is not allowed at all.

4. Personal insults are not allowed at all and will be deleted immediately.

5. Please do not post anything disturbing or pornographic.

6. Do not link to pornographic or sites that are deemed illegal. The post will be deleted immediately. If you link to a non-pornographic site that has explicit sexual content post a warning on the thread.

7. Do not link something to an account or site that you don't own. Anyone stealing bandwith will be banned immediately, without warning.

8. Hatred and harressment is not allowed in any form. Homophobia, racism, sexism or anything else that will cause offense and upset is a bannable offense.

9. Do not infringe other people's copyright. All posts doing this will be banned.

10. Do not do anything illegal on this forum, otherwise you will be banned immediately.

Most people are responsible and will follow these standards. Anyone who doesn't will be banned. If you see anything that violates these standards PM a Moderator or me immediately.

Any problems then please feel free to PM me!
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Board Standards
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